DOST-SEI scholar-volunteers lend hands to 2024 Undergraduate Scholarships Examination hopefuls

Exhibiting the spirit of volunteerism, various DOST-SEI scholars’ organizations from different regions around the Philippines executed their own initiatives to support this year’s batch of examinees to the Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute Undergraduate Scholarships Examination, helping them in their journey towards becoming the future Iskolar ng Agham para sa bayan. These initiatives included review sessions, point-to-point transportation to testing centers, and printing services, among others.

Free Review Sessions for Future Isko and Iska

DOST-SEI scholars’ organizations conducted review sessions to prepare aspiring scholars for the examination. Facilitating the review sessions were DOST scholar-graduates who also motivated the examinees by sharing  their personal experiences while taking the test during their time and providing tips that can help them to successfully finish the exam.

Manifestations and Motivations for Aspiring Scholars

Having gone through the same experience as the examinees, the scholar-volunteers sympathized with the examination jitters by offering support and giving out motivational quotes in the form of stickers and bookmarks. 

The examinees were also given the chance to express their aspirations in laid-out freedom walls and photo booths where they also took home photo memorabilia of their time at the scholarship examination.

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Aspiring DOST-SEI scholars express their dreams, hopes, and aspirations on the Manifestation Wall (Photo Credit: Balligi ti Umili DOST Scholars (BUDS))

D-Day Assistance and Services

Scholar-volunteers were deployed to their respective testing centers and helped ensure a smooth conduct of the scholarship examination by providing assistance and quelling the worries of the scholarship hopefuls. The volunteers also set up booths where examination-related services were offered for free, such as printing of test permits and sharpening of pencils.

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Volunteers and staff prepare a snack pantry and helpdesk for examinees during the examination day (Photo credit: DOST Association of Cagayan Valley Active Young Scholars (DOST ACVAYS))

Food pantries were also built in some testing centers, where examinees can grab a snack and drink before heading into their testing rooms.

Free Rides for Aspiring Scholars

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Examinees arrive safely at their testing center through the free transportation service offered by DOSE (Photo credit: DOST-SEI Scholars Organization towards Excellence)

DOST-SEI Scholars Organization towards Excellence (DOSE) of Region XII, in partnership with their local Sangguniang Kabataan Municipal Federations and partnering institutions, provided point-to-point transportation services called “PASAKAY: PapaSA Ka Na May Libreng Sakay” to support examinees who do not have the means to move their testing centers.

Lapis para sa IPs/Lapis for a Cause

Various scholars’ organizations also set up booths and boxes where examinees can donate the pencils that they used during the examination. The used pencils will be given to students from various indigenous groups to support their educational needs.

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An examinee donates her used pencils after the examination (Photo credit: USM Association of DOST-SEI Scholars (USMADS))
Publicity materials of various DOST-SEI Scholars’ organizations’ initiatives for the 2024 Undergraduate Scholarships Examination posted in their respective official pages

The DOST-SEI hopes that the scholars can embody the core values of Professional Excellence, Servant Leadership, and Social Responsibility and create an impact in the form of volunteering initiatives in their own communities. The Institute also commends the scholar-volunteers and staff who offered their time and energy despite the summer heat in aiding future scholars during the 2024 Undergraduate Scholarships Examination.    

The following organizations conducted the various volunteer work to aid examinees during the 2024 DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarships Examination:

  • DOST – Mobilized Amianan Youth Scholars’ Association (DOST-MAYSA)
  • Movement of Ilocos Norte DOST Scholars (MINDS) 
  • Balligi ti Umili DOST Scholars (BUDS) 
  • Dakilang Anak ng La Union para sa Matematika Agham at Teknolohiya (DALUMAT) 
  • DOST Scholars’ Intercampus Association of Pangasinan (DOST-SICAP)
  • Association of Cagayan Valley Active Young Scholars (DOST ACVAYS)
  • Cagayan Valley Committed and Excellent Sci-Tech Scholars (DOST ACCESS)
  • Tarlac State University – Association of DOST Scholars
  • Bataan Peninsula State University – Department of Science and Technology Organization of Scholars and President Ramon Magsaysay State University – Patriot Association of Triumphant and Excellent Leaders
  • Pampanga’s Association of Rationally Upright Leader-Scholars (PARUL) 
  • Mergence of Innovative and Nurtured DOST Scholars (MINDS-BULSU)
  • Scholars’ Empowered Nationalistic and Tactical Regional Organization (SENTRO)
  • DOST Regional Patriots Council – Calabarzon 
  • DOST Scholars’ Association in Region VI (DOST-SAIS)
  • Department of Science and Technology Scholars’ Association in Negros Oriental (DOST SA NEGOR)
  • Department of Science and Technology Scholars’ Association in Cebu Normal University (DOST SA CNU)
  • DOST VII Regional Office (DOST VII)
  • Department of Science and Technology Scholars’ Association in Negros Oriental State University (DOST SA NORSU) 
  • Department of Science and Technology Scholars’ Association in Silliman University (DOST SA SU)
  • Department of Science and Technology Scholars’ Association Cebu Institute of Technology – University (DOST SA CIT-U)
  • Northern Mindanao Association of DOST-SEI Scholars (NMADS)
  • MSU-IIT DOST Scholars’ Association 
  • USTP DOST Scholars’ Association 
  • Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan DOST Scholars’ Organization
  • Central Mindanao University Association of DOST-SEI Scholars (CADS)
  • LDCU Empowered Assembly of DOST-SEI Scholars
  • ABukSuds
  • DOST Regional Office 10 
  • DOST-SEI Scholars Organization towards Excellence (DOSE)
  • USM Association of DOST-SEI Scholars (USMADS)
  • Sultan Kudarat State University Association of DOST-SEI Scholars (SKSU ADS)
  • Kalinga Association of Innovative DOST Scholars (KAINDS) 
  • UP SAmahan ng mga Iskolar ng Kagawaran ng Agham at Teknolohiya (UP SIKAT) 
  • Association of Competent and Empowered CAR DOST Scholars (ACE CARDS)
  • Baguio Association of Government Grantees and Scholars (BAGGS)
  • Mindanao State University – General Santos Association of DOST-SEI Scholars (MSU-Gensan ADS)
  • NCR Alliance of DOST Scholars (NADS)
  • Philippine Normal University – DOST Scholars’ Association (PNU-DOST SA)
  • Rizal Technological University (RTU) DOST Scholars’ Association
  • Department of Science and Technology Marinduque Patriot Scholars’ Organization (MAPSCO)
  • Department of Science and Technology Oriental Mindoro DOST Scholars’ Association

Announcements on student-led initiatives and activities by and for DOST-SEI scholars can be found at the DOST-SEI The Filipino Patriot Scholars Program official Facebook page.



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